European Stone Stacking Championships 2019

Yet again thanks to the amazing efforts of organiser James Craig Page this years event over the Easter weekend in Dunbar proved to be even more successful that last year with perfect warm weather that drew in the crowds. Here’s a selection of the weekends competitors work including the prize winners. Photos by Laurence Winram unless otherwise stated.

Perfect weather for Dunbar
SP Ranza‘s winning stack of 40 single stones stacked in 30 minutes, a world record! 
Jonathan Kitching goes for the last stone before 30 minutes is up
Pedro Durán working on his 30 minute stack.
Caroline Walker working on her winning 3 minute challenge stack
Dunbar beach, but not as you know it.
photo by AFP Andy Buchanan — with Harry Maddox.
photo by AFP Andy Buchanan — with Pedro Durán‘s design
Hjalte Ross with his first arch, part of his piece.
Hjalte Ross
Marianne Winter’s beautiful winning contribution in the 3 hour artistic challenge
Rocio Agar Marco’s amazing design
Rocío Agar Marco
beautiful lines by Brioney McClean
Perfect symmetry by Jon Foreman
Jon Foreman
Brioney McClean
By Debbie Adams
Pagoda design by photographer
Laurence Winram
After about 1.5hours of work due to collapse and the rising tide
Philip Öaf Husar had to go for something new for his artistic challenge
mid competition. Photo by Kev Potts
James Craig Page introduces Joel Baker, Sterling Gregory and Martine Mcluskie, the judges for 2019
Childrens quantity stacking. Third place Finn Roberts
Childrens quantity stacking. Second place Layla Roberts 
Childrens quantity stacking. And in first place! Elijah Foreman
Artistic – third place James Brunt of England
Artistic 2nd place Philip Wachman  of Austria with Philip Öaf Husar
And in first place for the artistic challenge, Marianne Winter from the Netherlands
Overall winner – 3rd place Caroline Walker of Scotland
overall winner category and Marianne Winter is back up again, this time in 2nd place
Jon Foreman (far right)- 2nd in the 30 minutes Quantity challenge 
SP Ranza 1st place in the 30 minute quantity challenge
Kev Potts  came 2nd in the 3 minutes balance challenge
competitors Brioney McClean, Pedro Durán, James Brunt, and Rocío Agar Marco
SP Ranza wins the overall competition including a trip to llano Earth Art Festival & World Stone Balancing competition 2020
Time balance winner and 2nd in the overall category, Scotlands own Caroline Walker
finalists SP Ranza, Pedro Durán and Jon Foreman celebrate
rock stars! including  Pedro DuránDave LovePhilip Öaf HusarRocío Agar MarcoCaroline HayesJames BruntBrioney McCleanJames Craig PageKev PottsJon Foreman and Jenny Joel 
The Beauty of balance folk gathered for a group shot. Including  Sterling GregoryJon ForemanDougie BogieBrioney McCleanHarry MaddoxJames Craig PageJenny JoelKev PottsPhilip Öaf HusarDave LoveRocío Agar Marco and Hjalte Ross in Dunbar, East Lothian, United Kingdom.