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Calling all European Stone Stackers

DSAT Ltd launch European Stone Stacking Championship April 22nd 2017 in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.

January 2017
DSAT Ltd are putting a call out to all European Stone Balance Artists for Europe’s First ever stone stacking championship. To mark Earth Day 2017 on 22nd April there will be a competition (limited numbers so participants are encouraged to enter early to avoid dissapointment) and Earth day festival featuring a live music and interactive art stalls.
The competition will be to find the best and brightest European stacking artists, with the winner invited to participate in the World Stone Stacking Championships held annually in Lllano, Texas. Working closely with the team in Texas DSAT Ltd and its founders James Page and Steven Hill have created a unique event that they hope will inspire and encourage the artform.
James Said “Stone Stacking is both art and meditation, using free materials found on beaches and in parks you can create temporary artistic monuments for passer bys to enjoy. The benefit you find in trying this activity is the moments of clarity when you are zoned in to searching for the next stone or the sweet spot of gravity when you know you’ve got the perfect balance. Anyone can do this activity and it’s free to do, with the materials recycled each time, beaches are fantastic as the natural tide brings with it new stones and spreads them along the coast”
The competition will take place during the day split into 4 categories with spectators welcome to watch the artists and enjoy the festivities of Earth Day at the festival area. The competition will also include a kids competition aimed at younger stackers.
Steven Said “The importance of street art in our society is to bring attention and focus to art forms in a free and accessible way, Stone stacking is ideal because it’s not only free to watch but it’s free to try. As proud Europeans we hope in the face of our capitalist world we can offer a slice of European hospitality to those wishing to attend our event. Scotland has and always will be a place that welcomes everybody and if we can encourage new art forms with social and health benefits then even better.”
More information is expected to be announced both on facebook and website, with details about how to sign up:

About DSAT Ltd
DSAT Ltd is an art and music social enterprise based in Scotland which brings street art in all its forms to members of the public via free festivals and events.
About Stone Stacking
Stone Stacking or Rock Balancing is the practice of making artistic monuments using only stones and rocks found in nature. These monuments often have a gravity defying look with the practice made popular by artists such as Michael Grab with his Gravity Glue art. Stone Balancing is fast becoming not only an artistic expression throughout beaches and nature reserves across the globe but also a method of meditation and mindfulness with great practical benefits to the technique of concentrating solely on the balance and chasing that elusive moment of clarity when the stone stacks at an impossible angle. For more information about Stone Stacking please visit

To learn more about this amazing event, please contact
James Craig Page, Director