European Stone Stacking Championships 2021



This page will be further updated in time  but let at least start with just a few photos and the list of winners.


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Saturday box

Saturday July 10th and Sunday July 11th 2021 in Dunbar

The European Stone Stacking Championships 2021 was a great success!

Below is the beautiful sand sculpture created by Jon foreman, Mark Anthony Haden Ford and James Brunt at Belhaven Beach for the 2021 championships.



3 minute Challenge

This was a 3 minute challenge to balance 7 selected stones  with points for number of stones balanced on each other and for aesthetics. All competitors agreed this was totally nerve-racking! If you think you have a steady hand you can challenge that by seeing how you fair in the last 10 seconds of this competition. Caroline Walker, a previous winner again grabbed the top spot.

1st Place.      Caroline Walker

Caroline’s winning 7 stones

2nd Place.    Laurence Winram

3rd Place     James Brunt

Quantity event

This was the competition to balance the most single stones one upon the other within 30 minutes. Some impressive stacks here but with a clear winner, Neil Andrews with 37 stones! Not so far off SP Ranza’s world record 40 stones. 

1st Place     Neil Andrews

Neil’s stack of 37

2nd Place   Laurence Winram

3rd Place    Harry Maddox


This was for many the big event, running from 12-4pm on the Sunday through every weather known to man including a brief monsoon torrent of rain. Some spectacular pieces especially from the professionals but the winner this year with a unique face design was the Rocks Up man himself Harry Maddox. 

1st Place.    Harry Maddox

Harry’s winning design with a swan dive from Kev for scale!

2nd Place   Ben Girvan

3rd Place    Laurence Winram

Overall Winner

For each of the prior competitions each winner is awarded points. These are then added up to o determine the overall winners. Harry’s win in the Artistic as well as his 3rd place in the quantity competitions meant was the overall winner. The big prize being of course a flight to Llano’s world rock stacking championships in Texas in 2022. Well done Harry!

1st Place.    Harry Maddox

2nd Place    Laurence Winram

3rd Place    Caroline Walker

Click images below to see the story from the last championships in 2019

Back again at the Eye Cave Beach below Bayswell Road Dunbar EH42 1AB

and in Lauderdale Park Bayswell Road Dunbar EH42 1AE

£10 entry to compete on the day or in advance by emailing


If you can’t join us at Dunbar and would like to be involved you can take part in our new online competition. 

We will also be running some live transmissions from the ESSC event in Dunbar. View the Facebook page for updates on timings and links to see this.

Due to Covid safety concerns visitor access to view the artworks on the beach will be limited. There are paths above the beach where the artworks may be viewed from. If possible groups will be allowed closer access onto the beach.

Saturday 10th 12-4pm

Competitors register on the Eye Cave beach at 12pm 

1-2pm – Eye Cave beach. Quantity event. Most stones balanced vertically – one stone upon another within 30 minutes

2.30-4pm – Eye Cave beach. Timed balance – 2 minutes for each competitor to stack 7 stones in the most artistic way

Sunday 10th 12-5pm

12-3pm – Eye Cave beach. Artistic competition – Access to the beach available for competitors to prepare from 10am-12pm.

10am-4pm – Kids competition. Free entry. Up to 15 years. In Lauderdale Park organised and run by Wishing Tree By the Sea Lauderdale Park Cafe. Prizes sponsered by Sweetie Bank Dunbar High street.

5pm – Prize giving ceremony for ESSC 2021 Adult and childrens competitions in Lauderdale Park

Shop window exhibition of LandArt Photography

Featuring Jon foreman , James Brunt, Laurence Winram, Sterling Gregory, James Craig Page, Pedro Duran & others. 1st -15th July 2021 at Be Green Dunbar Energy Advice Center – 55 High st Dunbar EH42 1EW 

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Thanks must go to Edinburgh Science Festival  and Event Scotland in their support for the ESSC