European Stone Stacking Championship 2017

The first annual European Stone Stacking Championship was held in Dunbar, Scotland on April 22nd 2017 at the Eye Cave Beach (West Beach). The competition brought together a community of stackers from across Europe and featured some inspiring and breathtaking balances. There were 4 individual competitions on the day with an overall winner:

Most Stones Balanced

1st Pedro Duran

2nd James Brunt

3rd Rocia Agar

3mins balance against the clock.

1st Manu Topic

2nd Ricky Prentice

3rd Franck Meunier 

Artistic Stone Stack

1st Caroline Walker

2nd Ben Girvan

3rd Jonathon Kitching

European Stone Stacking Championship Junior Champion

Axel Meunier

Overall European Stone Stacking Champion 2017

Pedro Duran

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