European Stone Stacking Online Competition 2021 – Deadline Extended!

The European Stone Stacking Online Competition 2021

In July 10th – 11th 2021 the European Stone Stacking Championships returned for its fourth year to the Eye Cave Beach in Dunbar Scotland!

Due to travel restrictions many of you couldn’t make it along so we’ve decided to create a second online competition that is open to anyone wherever you are in the world. You’re welcome to compete whether you’re new to this or if you are a professional artist.  All ages groups are welcome. This is mostly about having fun and spending the word about creating land art across the globe.



The ESSOC is free to enter. However, as a non profit organisation and would really appreciate a donation that will help us to maintain the ESSOC each year. We’d suggest a £5 donation but whatever you can afford.




The ESSOC  2021 will be an artistic competition to make the most creative, beautiful and unique piece of land art. We want to see real innovation in design. Let your imagination go wild! You must create your artwork specifically for our online event. Your artwork can contain any and only natural materials like leaves, sticks, mud etc. It must contain at least one stone stack of three stones or more.

In order to identify each artwork you must submit your photos of it and include a  card in the image on which is written, ESSOC,  your name, category and county of origin.  



There are two categories and a 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each.

                    Group or Family                         Solo

If you’re in a group make sure you are covid compliant! 


Artworks can be created any time between now and submission date of 5th August. But we do ask and trust that you make your artwork over a period of no more than one day. 


You may submit one photograph of your artwork. We need it before the end 5th August 2021 (midnight GMT).  Submissions will be accepted via Facebook messenger on the ESSC Facebook page  Remember to include the card with your info on it in the photograph!


The public decides the winners!

Once all images have been received they will be posted into one photo album on the ESSC Facebook page and then later onto the ESSC website. The album of photos goes live on Facebook on 8th August  at 7pm GMT. At that point anyone may cast their votes for their preferred images by adding a ‘like’. The prizes will then be granted for the images in each category based on the most Facebook likes. 


The winners of the ESSOC will be announced on the Facebook page on 19th August  2021 around 7pm GMT . Prizes will be announced then and winners notified. We’d love it if some of the land artists submit signed prints of some of their finest creations to be used as prizes. Please speak to either James Craig Page  or Laurence Winram  if you can support us in this way.


We’d ask that if you are sharing your images on your social media that you please mention the European Stone Stacking Online Championships in your posts and use the hashtag #EuropeanStoneStacking We’d love to see more new folk coming to this and getting creative so please make an effort to share the ESSC Facebook posts to spread the love!

If you’re on Instagram please tag @Europeanstonestacking in your posts as well as the #EuropeanStoneStacking hashtag.